Virtual box – How configure full screen for debian?

On virtualbox with debian, the full screen doesn’t work by default. Fortunately it’s possible to correct this fairly quickly.

Like 99.99% of people, you miss a thing called Guest Additions. They are not avaible and so you have this full screen issue when you use Virtual Box with windows.

How install guest additions on Virtual Box?

Lucky for you with only a few CLI commands, it will be ok.
So open an CLI interface, log you as root with su command and here we go.

Step 1 – Update your system if necessary

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

Step 2 – Install required packages

apt-get install build-essential module-assistant

Step 3 – Configure your system for building kernel modules by running

m-a prepare

Step 4 – On Virtual Box interface

Click to the Devices menus and then click on Insert Guest additions CD images. A pop-up will appear, just click on the button Run

Step 5 – Now return on linux CLI and type

mount /media/cdrom

Step 6 – The last command

sh /media/cdrom/

Just follow the instructions for finish.

Step 7 – Restart debian on Virtual Box

Finally, just restart Debian and now you will see, it’s on full screen.

Bonus: The full procedure with a video

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