Best libraries / plugins for CakePHP 3/4

If you love CakePHP as much as me, here is a quick gift for you.
A curated list of amazingly awesome CakePHP 3.x+ plugins, resources and shiny things.

You will find a little of everything, plugins for images, I18n, pdf, search…
Cherry on the cake, some of this ressources are compatible with CakePHP 4.

Which plugins for CakePHP are the most useful ?

This is only my personal opinion but here is some plugins of this amazing list that i use in almost my projects.

For image, file upload, this is a classic, easy to configure.

For making PDF, this is the best library, my advise is to use wkhtmltopdf ( for rendering.
With that, you can do PDF very easily with bootstrap

If you have background tasks to do with cron, or you need deferred actions (like sending email) Queue Plugin is the perfect solution.

You need to put your site on maintenance, no problem there is also a plugin for that.

Because sanitize your data is primordial before insertion on database, I personnaly use this plugin based on htmlpurifier (
With this, you can say bye bye to xss injection (especially if you don’t use h() function in your .ctp ) –> before 3.6 —> for 3.6 +

And a last one, if you need to quickly integrate boostrapt for your forms.
It’s also do Modal, Paginator, etc…
Just read the doc for use good version.

After that, you are free to explore the list according to your needs 😉

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