How to know cakePHP version in less than five seconds?

How to quickly find your version number and why it’s important to know it, let’s see that together !

How to find my CakePHP version?

Actually it’s really simple to find it.
Open an CLI Interface in the root folder of your project and type

bin/cake version

And you should see a number like


Why it’s important to know my cakePHP version? Tell me!

This is very important because depending on the version, you could have deprecated code and if you attempt to do an upgrade without thinking two seconds, this could be an fatal error.

If you land in an existing projet, you must be careful not to call core functions that do not exist, are deprecated or has been deleted between versions.

Exemple : TableRegistry::get() is deprecated since version 3.5

This is an example among many others.
To see what’s change between versions, go to the official documentation:

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